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While obvious for a camping trip, a flashlight is worthwhile piece of equipment in whatever style you are traveling. I am partial to the key chain laser flashlights, but the credit card sized ones are probably the most travel friendly. I try

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Favorite city to visit

What is my favorite city to visit?  While many cities are wonderful to visit, I do have a few favorites.  I like New York City. I love to watch all the people coming and going. I am content just walking down

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On a Sidewalk in Paris

PARIS.  Though decades ago already, I still recall my first full day in Paris.  It was in June. I had only a week to take in the sights and so got right to work. As is my custom, I walked

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Sawtooth Mt. Range

Idaho: Flying in a two-seater plane from Boise to Stanley, the world of Famous Potatoes license plates quickly faded away. We entered a world of jagged and sharp looking mountain ridges. The pilot explained this was the Sawtooth Mountain Range. In

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