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Recalling Cologne

Cologne:  So they call it Köln nowadays, but I studied French for so many years that Köln never seemed right to me. Decades ago, I stayed at a place by the Rhine and near the Cathedral, a huge gothic cathedral

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Setting the tone for Italia

“All things ready, if our mind be so.” —William Shakespeare In getting ready for another trip to Italy, I wanted to get my mind in gear. In addition to another Italian language course, I watched some movies and read some

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Ice impressions

I am sitting at home and looking out at a world of ice. It is ice not quite thick enough for ice crampons and I like to walk so I am feeling stuck. My mind is wandering to a weekend

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News Flash on Safari

News flash from Kenya – daydreaming on safari. “This just in. The search for the party dude has a horrific ending. Zoey Zebra is on the scene with a live report.  Zoey?” “Thanks Bruno.  Mid morning, Sergeant Bray was investigating

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