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Aboriginal rock art

Australia, Northwest Territory.  Here are some photos of Aboriginal Rock Art.  I spoke of this in Chapter 18 of TATTOO:  “Some of the rock had what looked like colorful but weathered graffiti that was called ‘rock art.’ The art is

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Italian itinerary

There are many itinerary ideas available for Italy, so why not one more? (This itinerary was for two travelers who both like history and hiking. My traveling companion had never been to Italy and had not traveled much.) Note: Italy today is not the

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“What do you call a schooner in a wine glass? Port.” ― Jarod Kintz Maine. Sailing on a time tested schooner is a blast from the past amidst the speed ferries of today. And sailing in and around the many islands off

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Barbary Macaque

Gibraltar.  I took the cable car up to the summit of the Rock of Gibraltar. It was a bit chilly at the top so I took my windbreaker out of my backpack and put it on. No sooner had I

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Karni Mata Temple

Rajasthan, India. In Bikaner, I signed on for a van ride to the nearby Deshnoke to see the Karni Mata Temple. It was a temple for a Hindu sect that venerated rats. (I had heard that wise men were ultimately reincarnated

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