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Ephesus photos

Efes, Turkey. Ephesus was the second largest city in the world (at least in the Greco-Roman World) in the first century B.C. when its population was over two hundred fifty thousand. Now you can wander its ruins and imagine what

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Blanket of Insecurity

In these gray days of February, I feel myself bracing for the future and wondering if I should travel less and stay closer to home. Our planet seems more fragmented even as science makes our global unity more evident. What intimidates me

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Audio Book Available

In my midlife review, I invite you to join me for the ride in TATTOO—JOURNEYS ON MY MIND. Now available as an audio book! Narrated by yours truly, it clocks in at seven hours and thirteen minutes. For me, these twenty-one stories are affirming: you

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In looking at potential destinations in Israel, Caesarea was high on my list. King Herod the Great built his grand port there and the victorious Crusaders had erected a fortress there. In its archaeological remains stood glimpses of these heady

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