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Mysteries of My Son

Vietnam.  I wrote about this UNESCO World Heritage Site in Chapter 10 of Tattoo.  French archeologists uncovered this valley of temples in the 1800s.  The temples at My Son were mostly built by the Chams circa 600-1200. This site raises

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Ostrich Reflections

I have always found the Ostrich to be a curious bird, not one to stick its head in the sand. These birds generally move along in a stately manner even as they cover much ground in a short amount of

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Český Krumlov

Czech Republic. Český Krumlov is a very pretty place centered on a towering castle and the Vltava River. Here are some pictures, starting with the view from the local brewery. It’s a place just waiting for a fairy tale.  

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New Orleans

If you are traveling in Louisiana, please visit New Orleans. Even if people in Shreveport turn up their noses at any plan to spend time in that “dirty city.” Those Shreveport people are jealous, I swear, so don’t pay much attention

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