Český Krumlov

Czech Republic. Český Krumlov is a very pretty place centered on a towering castle and the Vltava River. Here are some pictures, starting with the view from the local brewery.

It’s a place just waiting for a fairy tale.


This is a close up of the castle’s frescoed walls.
Most structures were built in the 1500s and decorated with frescos later plastered over in the 1800s. In the photo below, you can see where the plaster was removed in the 1990s to show this underlying fresco of St. Florian fighting the fire. The current windows were added to the building after the plaster so the window locations don’t match the blank spaces in the fresco where the original windows were located.


Český Krumlov is located in Bohemia’s deep south. Bohemia is the historical region occupying a third of the central and western Czech Republic. Below, in the top and center insignia is the symbol of Bohemia, a two-tailed lion.

Below, this “Plague Pole” was erected in thanks for being spared the Plague of 1680-1682.

Back into the future, this next photo was taken outside an art gallery entrance.

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