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Lions, like the majestic star who growls at the beginning of MGM movies, don’t spend all their time in Hollywood. And they can do much more than roar when they wish to speak. Among other sounds, lions can meow! I’m

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Providence, RI

Do I have any ideas for a weekend in Providence, Rhode, Island?  Yes, I do. It is the capital city of Rhode Island so I would recommend a stop in the State House. I highly recommend a few hours at

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Kangaroo Rambling

Red Kangaroos are the largest.  Gray Kangaroos are the most social.  They are all vegetarians.   I like to watch these athletes hop. “A male kangaroo can leap to lengths of close to 30 feet and at a height of

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Channeling my Inner Fish

Just the other morning, I was in my bathing suit and standing at the edge of Walden Pond. I was finding it difficult to start my swim. I was thinking I would be more comfortable on shore wearing a jacket. Was

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