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In Jordan, in the Gilead Hills, aside of the modern city now called Jerash, lie the ruins of the ancient city of Gerasa.  First founded by Alexander the Great in 300s B.C, but then Pompeii conquered Gerasa for Rome around

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Badlands National Park

South Dakota, USA They say the Great Plains were covered by a prehistoric sea.  In Badlands National Park, you can see Pierre shale, the sedimentary rock that used to be at the bottom of that sea.   Then at the

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“I had been told that a local fairy creature in Japan was the Tanooki so I should look for him.  That was a good thing because the tourist places didn’t mention him.  This is what I was told:  Tanooki is

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White Mountains

The autumn is a wonderful time to spend a weekend in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.   For me, it gets a bit chilly for a tent at this time of year.  But that’s OK because of the White

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