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A Walk in the Woods

When you cannot go far, you can still go somewhere. Perhaps, take in the local state forests and/or state parks. I have been exploring the Massachusetts State Parks and State Forests this summer. Hiking, boating, swimming, and admiring nature’s beauty—lovely,

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Hong Kong Revisited

I have been tearfully following the obstructive government actions toward democracy in Hong Kong. Each new protest in the last twenty-three years has been grueling to watch. I think it shows my age. When I have encountered young residents of

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Bubbly white trills churning with energy and spilling with life. Iceland has many waterfalls. In my ten-day tour around the rim of the island, we stopped to admire at least one a day. I never tired of them. Here is

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Cows of India

India is a “colorful disorder that was orderly in its own way. I don’t think the cows would have it any other way. The serene or plastered cows set the tone even if it looked like all else was going

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Township Trip

in 2005, I took a township tour outside of Cape Town in South Africa. The local bar was a one-room hut without any windows. Inside, very low benches lined the walls. The bar is open from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.,

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