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Booking Air Travel 2021

WHAT IS A WOULD-BE PLANE PASSENGER TO DO? Today, on more than one airline, if I book Premier Economy seats, the tickets are REFUNDABLE. While more expensive than regular economy seating, they are the most cost effective seats these days.

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Travel Snacks

A friend shared a link to “Best Travel Snacks” and it got me thinking that I have my own ideas on the topic.  LONG TRIPS. I always pack mint tea bags and apple tea bags. The mint scent helps me focus

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In 2020, Madagascar made an herbal supplement, Covid Organics, free to its population, touted as a means to protect oneself from the worst of COVID-19.  I see in mid 2021, Madagascar is welcoming COVID-19 vaccinations for its citizens. Very glad

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Portuguese Republic. In the news this week, Portugal is opening the longest pedestrian bridge, 516 meters long and suspended 175 meters above the River Paiva in Arouca. It has Portugal on my mind. Lisbon is five hours ahead of Boston.

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