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Today, on more than one airline, if I book Premier Economy seats, the tickets are REFUNDABLE. While more expensive than regular economy seating, they are the most cost effective seats these days.  

Why is this important? I have hopes of reaching Europe this autumn. It looked like Covid vaccines and the relaxation of social distancing and even the express declaration that a country is open for tourism were all green lights. Then in the news, the European Union was not permitting tourists from the United Kingdom because of the “Indian variant” showing up in the United Kingdom’s Covid cases.

As anyone who lives in New England can tell you, whatever disease or pestilence appears in Texas will work its way up here anywhere from two months to two years later. So I paused on purchasing my airfare. Well-meaning people suggested I purchase refundable plane tickets. I’m a semi-expert on purchasing the best priced, shortest flights. But I was having trouble with locating refundable fares outside of business class.  

In solidarity, I’m sharing:  AIM for PREMIER ECONOMY, Doublecheck the tickets are Refundable, then Click to  BUY.

Here’s my 2015 advice on this topic:  Plane Tickets  

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