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Be Resolved

At this time of year, many talk about making resolutions for going forward. If you are tending to get too comfortable or perhaps losing your edge, then travel may help. How about TRAVEL RESOLUTIONS? See this list of eleven suggestions to

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Xmas Tree Memories

Memories in a Christmas Tree  –  Mind Traveling I hemmed and hawed.  Would I put up a tree this year?  I’ll be home.  But a tree will get everything covered with pine needles.  The weather forecasted an icy snow day. 

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Gifts for Travelers

Reprinted from 2017 “Gifts, believe me, captivate both men and Gods, Jupiter himself was won over and appeased by gifts.” —Ovid What to give the traveler? Check out these 25 gift ideas: Portable Battery Charger Travel cork screw (light and easy

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War War War

Welcome to my weary war world dreaming… The wizard and the dragon, shoulder to shoulder, poured over spell books deep into the night.  Their only light was a sparkling skull set at the edge of their small round, wooden table

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Whale What Are You Waiting For

When the World Trade Towers came crashing down, the world stopped for many people.  The impact reached beyond New York and beyond the U.S.A.  Grounded passengers on trains and planes were searched for security threats.  Ships in U.S. waters were

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