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Chitwan National Park

Nepal. Each year at Chitwan National Park, there is a 10-day interval during which villagers can enter the National Park and cut elephant grass, pick mushrooms, and otherwise take advantage of its natural resources from which they are barred during

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Kenyan Characters

If I were to say who came out to play, You may not believe what I have to say. On the day in question, I was out of my league. Goosebumps told me their sangfroid covered intrigue. To be in a place,

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India.  From travels in the State of Kerala in Southern India… In Malappuram, there are temples carved from single huge stones. In one huge (100×50 foot) relief carved into a natural rock wall were intricate scenes of battle, triumph, torment,

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Mao Mutations

Reflecting on Chairman Mao Zedung, I can’t help but thinking of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s Ode to Ozymandias. In the early 1980s, many in the world watched reports on the trial of the Gang of Five (Mao supporters).   In 2000

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