About a travel journal?

What do I recommend for a travel journal? I like something small enough to fit in my pocket as I am not partial to carrying a bag. I prefer a bendable journal that I can cram into a stuffed pocket.  

I like a writing pad with a spiral binding so I’m not dealing with an uneven surface as I come to the border. I most prefer a spiral binding at the top. I like to muse and draw so I make sure I’ll have enough pages. For two weeks, 80 pages (2×5″) are fine but for six weeks, I prefer close to 500 (3×5″). The extra pages are good to write directions and pulling out for notes to give to others. (I don’t need to concern myself about WiFi connections!) 

IMPORTANT TIPS: I put an address sticker and add my phone number and email address in the notebook, should it get lost.  Take lots of extra pens. They get lost; they run out of ink; they explode. You won’t regret the extra pens. I generally write in my journal when I’m in the mood so I carry the journal and a pen everywhere I go. On my flight home, I read through the journal and write a paragraph or two about the overall journey. 

JOURNAL ACCESSORIES. I usually take a glue stick, a red pencil and a yellow highlighter too, but I don’t carry those extras everywhere I go.  (The glue stick is for beer labels or pretty tickets or interesting artwork on local brochures. The manicure scissors I keep with the mole skin is helpful with that too.) 

JOURNAL COVERS. I usually decorate the cover prior to going on the trip with some picture or map or flag and then label it with my destination.  It is important to me that I am pleased with the look and feel of my journal. A cheap notebook can look depressing until you dress it up. Whenever I pull out the journal, the decorated cover helps to remind me, I’m in OZ or at least not in Kansas anymore. Sometimes, I forget to look at it that way and am glad of the reminder.

“Travel can be one of the most rewarding forms of introspection.”—Lawrence Durrell

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Buy it. Read it. (Or listen to it.) Let me know what you think. –TMLL

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