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Jaisalmer Glimpses

India. Although you’re already in the State of Rajasthan, this place feels extra exotic. Jaisalmer was on the camel route of old and even with its modern buildings, it has a bit of a Tales of the Arabian Nights feel.

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Monuments in DC

Washington, D.C. is a lovely capital city. Built on swamp land and declared the U.S. capital in 1790, its sprawling mall lends itself to show off some awesome monuments. On a recent trip, I took a Monuments by Moonlight Tour

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Glacier Bay National Park

Alaska.  From Juneau, I took a very noisy ride on an eight-seater plane to Gustavus, where I saw a porcupine walking the beach and another porcupine climbing a tree. Most of the time in Gustavus was spent riding on a

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Polar Park

Worcester, Massachusetts. It’s baseball season and one of my new favorite parks is the Polar Park. If you know Worcester, you are familiar with the inflatable polar bear that graces the sign for Polar on Route 291 as you go

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Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, covering eighty-two square miles in southwest Colorado. President Theodore Roosevelt signed legislation in 1906 designating this area as a National Park. It is packed with archaeological sites and beautiful desert

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