Feeling the Heat

It is the first hot and humid day of Spring and my mind wanders to my first trip to Eastern Africa. As my safari was put on hold while awaiting a new jeep tire, we huddled in a small circle of shade like we had seen the wildebeests do. It wasn’t a conscious desire to be together; it was an automatic move toward self preservation.  The heat in the hot sun can do that to a person.

Checking on the news, I came upon this report about a village in Kenya.

“Men from Kiriari, a village in Embu county, have formed a self-help group to tell the authorities that their wives and children are mistreating them. They claim they are being physically abused, and also complain that their wives do not follow orders and refuse on ‘flimsy grounds’ to have sex with them.” —from an article by Tom Collins as posted at www.thetimes.co.uk (June 5, 2021)

I think those men might do better by planting shade trees.

Two proverbs posted by www.kenya-advisor.com:

“He who is unable to dance says the yard is stony.”

“He who refuses to obey cannot command.”

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