Bread and Roses

“The worker must have bread, but she must have roses, too.”—Rose Schneiderman

Remembering May Day.  May 1st is today. It was my father who was a staunch supporter of labor but it was my mother who would always have a shrine for May Day. It was more a religious rather than a political observance. She would surround a statue of Mary, the mother of Jesus, with flowers. I recall these shrines made for a beautiful room in which to drink coffee and eat toasted scali bread.

Thinking back on my mother’s May Day shrines prompted me to consider the flowers I have admired around the world and led me to recall the Tropical Botanical Gardens on the island of Hawaii. Here is a sampling of some of the flowers growing there when I visited.

flower 4

Cats’ Whiskers

CIMG0137 copy


flowerFlower Oneflower 3CIMG0136 copyCIMG0133 copyCIMG0120 copy

Bread and roses; Bread and roses!  Let’s raise our glasses to organized labor, the people who brought us “the weekend.”

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