It says TRAVEL to me

In my post on Ankara, I asked you to look at the photo to consider which character was you and which character you would like to be you.  In this post, I wanted to share why I picked this photo for my Contact page.  This picture reminds me of traveling.

What does it remind you of?

Traveling Iguana?

The iguana has stopped to look ahead. It didn’t wait until it was right at the top of the rock but stopped a bit before, while still on its way. And it stopped where it could admire the view. While ever on the go, I like to take time to stop along my way and admire my surroundings.  It has to do with mindfulness and also curiosity.

The iguana looks like it could be drumming the rock with its claws, keeping time to a song in its head. (Perhaps it is waiting for the next ferry.) Travel can involve days with much waiting in anticipation. Habitual travelers develop a proper attitude and a battery of coping skills. Resilience helps them bounce back and flexibility lets them adapt game plans.

The iguana is alone and seemingly content with its solitude. Time alone is a good way to learn just who you are. Embrace the opportunity.  The iguana looks like a creature unabashed and taking up its rightful space. As a solo traveler, I will not be minimized or buy into others’ notions of a lonely life on the road. I am content to be free to do as I please. (I can visit when I get home.)

The iguana looks like a creature that could care less that it stands out against the gray rock. I’m a traveler who likes to look like me on the road. I don’t always blend in with my surroundings. I don’t have good memories of any time I have tried to blend in. I don’t like to be invisible. Travel helped me discern courtesy from “people-pleasing” conduct. As Dr. Seuss wrote: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Does the iguana remind you at all of traveling? How so?

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