Garra rufa gathering

I had the most interesting massage.  I sat on the side of a ten-foot wide round pool, and the waiter went off to get my complimentary cocktail.  He returned with my drink, but I had yet to get the nerve to start with the massage.  I took a sip to steady my reserve and swung my feet into the pool.  All at once, hundreds of skinny fish swarmed to my feet.  The fish, called Garra rufa, were two to five inches in length, and had silver bodies with red eyes. 

The mass of fish piled onto my feet, nipping on them as if in a frenzy.  It took a few minutes before I was able to overcome the impulse to take my feet out of the water.  All those tiny bites felt like electric jolts. Twenty minutes later, just as I was thinking I might have had enough, two other people stopped by for a massage. With six feet in the pool, the fish massage was much less intense. But I’m glad I experienced the extended high intensity.

The whole time, from a wall poster, TinTin watched with amusement; he was having a foot massage too.  Had I stumbled into one of his adventures?  Thank you Cambodia.

Maybe I should have had what he was drinking.

You only live once.


foot massage

foot massage

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