Dino CT State Park

Connecticut.  Close to the State Capital of Hartford lies the Dinosaur State Park.

It was a day trip for me.  I love just about everything about dinosaurs and this park is the largest dinosaur track site on the North American Continent.  I slowly took in the dino tracks, both in the park’s indoor exhibit and along its trails.

Having planned in advance, I brought Plaster of Paris so I could make my own cast of a dinosaur track. There were about six casting stations set up in a small area. I chose the Eubrontes mostly because there was ample open space around it.  

Eubrontes is the name of the footprint; any skeletal remains to match the track are yet to be found. The print is three-toed. Its shape, size, and stride indicate a dinosaur closely related to the Dilophosarus from the early Jurassic Period. 

A lovely way to spend the day.

The inverted print

Posing for a pic while waiting for the cast to dry


It fascinates me that these huge, heavy creatures walked on two legs with their weight on three-toes. I marvel that an emu runs on three-toed feet. But a twenty-foot predator running at high speed…strains my imagination.

“We are using the same water that the dinosaurs drank, and this same water has to make ice creams in Pasadena and the morning frost in Paris.” —Rose George

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