Dip in the Dead Sea

I was just south of Aquaba in Jordan where the roadside was dotted with “beach resorts.” You pay your fee to use their changing rooms and beach. This was a modern-looking facility with a juice bar and gift shop. Here was my chance to take a dip in the Dead Sea.

After changing into my swim suit, I walked out onto the beach and noticed that for a small fee, I could get a mud bath to cleanse any toxins I might be harboring in my skin. That sounded like a good gimmick, but I was there to check out the salt water.

The Dead Sea did not disappoint. I was buoyant with no effort on my part.  I was floating along when a wave poured over my face. The salty water stung my eyes.  I stumbled out of the water, beside myself with pain.  The young man, who tended the black cauldron of mud, ran over with a bottle of water that he poured in my burning eyes. It helped but it was another five minutes before I calmed down.

To repay his kindness, I paid my fee to access his mud. It was black and smooth. I smothered myself in it and was told to wait 20-30 minutes to let it dry before rinsing off in the Dead Sea.

To my surprise, it soaked into me and gave me a chimney sweep’s complexion. I thought it went well with my swim suit. Fortunately, the mud floated off after a short swim. After an outdoor shower, I felt clean. Whether any toxins floated away, I can’t say.

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