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Recommended reading?  As much in life, it depends on your interests.  I like history and trivia.  Advance preparation helps plan the route to cover what you don’t want to miss.  And once you’re not in Kansas anymore, it increases your power of observation as well as your potential for experiencing Oz.  (The public library is an amazing resource.) Given my interests, these books served me well.

Lonely Planet Guidebook on Mongolia

Storm from the East by Robert Marshall + DVD set

The Bloody White Baron by James Palmer

The Mongolian Horde by Roland Strasser

Genghis Khan by Paul Ratchnevsky

Hearing Birds Fly by Louisa Waugh

Hunting Dragons by Charles Gallenkamp

+ “The Weeping Camel“, a National Geographic film

Remember to pack lots of patience for any travel in Mongolia. Have a wonderful trip!  These are two sights from Mongolia.

a JENGA bridge

a JENGA bridge

Grocery shopping

Grocery shopping

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  1. Avatar photo lipsticktattoo says:

    There are also interesting descriptions of Mongolians or Tartars in Chapters XIII to XVII of The True Travels, Adventures, and Observations of Captain John Smith into Europe, Asia, Africa, and America
    From Ann. Dom. 1593 to 1629

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