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Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo

What do I use for luggage?  For my main bag, I use a convertible backpack, one that converts to a canvas suitcase.  It unzips to expand an inch though I would not advise it.  But if you need the extra space on your return, you could have it.  The interior has a mesh cover over one half making for a huge inner see-through pocket while the other side has two straps for keeping contents secure.  The shoulder straps are wide and padded.  There is a wide waist belt (which is great when you need to run).  The backpack straps and belt can be zipped away so they aren’t visible and this is wonderful at most hotels.  The bag handle snaps together to become one piece so airport luggage conveyors don’t snag it.  (It’s not waterproof so I pack all in sealed plastic bags and I spray the exterior with Scotch Guard before departure.)  The fabric is resilient.  This MEI bag is going on its third decade of frequent use and falling hard. Three cheers for MEI!

For my daypack, I use a super light book bag, 15 inches in height.  It has two outside zip pockets and two external, mesh side pockets.  Although the material is thin,  I have carried it on four-hour hikes without incident.  It’s a stronger-than-it-looks kind of bag. I hate being hot so its lightness makes it my bag of choice.  This bag is made by Rick Steves.  (His travel undies are worth trying, by the way.)  I can pack this day bag in my main bag and just have a carry on bag. But with airport screening these days, I’m partial to checking my bag.  For car travel, I usually keep the main bag in the trunk.  These bags work for me.  If you are looking for luggage, you may find this helpful: “Choosing Luggage

“The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage.”  –Mark Russell

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    You may want to check out this excellent website on the Art and Science of Traveling Light.

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    “I love flying. I’ve been to almost as many places as my luggage.” –Bob Hope

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