My Mirror Says…

My mirror gave me a stern look, scrunched up my face and told me to lighten up. I exhaled. She had a point. I was taking life much too seriously. Sometimes, it’s better to roll the dice than contemplate and prepare for the details. I looked into the mirror again. She’s pretty smart sometimes.

My mirror has shown me a range of emotions over the years. When I was grieving, my frown reached to the bottom of my chin. She shows me weary eyes more than I would like. Still, it’s instructive to know that’s what she sees.

I don’t have a poker face so my mirror is usually on the mark. I wish sometimes that she would show me more smiles. When I’m looking pensive, she raises her eyebrows and smiles, reminding me that life is good.

Changing my perspective

Anne of Green Gables whimsey

Red kangaroo spots human

World’s Largest Dino — in Drumheller, Alberta

Loire Valley dragon

Mountain Gorilla having a snack

Sun Fish, a.k.a. Mola Fish

sea lion on a Galapagos Island

North Shore, Oahu

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