Panda Posing

UPDATE China says Giant Pandas are no longer Endangered animals – July 2021.  Their status has been updated to Vulnerable.

April 2015.  In China, there is a Panda Sanctuary in the City of Chengdu. This week, I’m sharing a few photos of the Giant Pandas and Lesser Pandas from there.

I need help covering the rest of me.

I need help covering the rest of me.

Panda C

No, I am not a stuffed animal.


Panda D

The view would be good if I could stay awake.


Lesser Pandas

Lesser Pandas but still fluffy

(I talked about this in Chapter 17 of Tattoo.) They like to eat the sort of bamboo used to make disposable chopsticks so getting a travel set is something to consider.  Click PANDA for more about the Panda Sanctuary.

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