Retiree’s Bucket List

Retired American, in fine health, not an athlete, not out of shape, seeking places unlike home, partial to tour groups.  What do you recommend I consider for my travel bucket list?

I don’t know if you are from Alaska, Hawaii, Southern California or Northern Maine or somewhere in between. With that caveat, here are some ideas to consider.

There are so many great choices, but looking back, these are places I would not want to have missed.  

JAPAN, Island of Honshu – Great place for a change of atmosphere; most people know some English; recommend cherry blossom season; indulge at public baths, take in Hiroshima history tour, the terra-cotta warriors of Xian,  and don’t miss Kyoto and Tokyo. If you are looking at tours, I suggest a 10-14 day tour.

NORTHERN TERRITORY, Australia – The wildlife and scenery are amazing. Outback living is nothing like I’ve seen in the USA. You’ll want to camp as towns are far apart. You may want to fly to Sydney and spend a few days there to get adjusted to Australia before you get to the Northern Territory.

BUDAPEST, Hungary – This is a huge city that has something for everyone.  From the ballet to the Soviet-style circus to the art museums and the night life, it is a great way to dip into Eastern Europe while staying comfortable.

LOIRE VALLEY, France – There are castles and windmills and small towns and great food.  This is a great place to relax and revel in life.

ICELAND –  a tour around Ring Road (the outer perimeter).  The scenery is gorgeous.  The horses are unique.  You may want an all-included tour because the exchange rate can sting. I recommend at least a week.

VIETNAM – every shade of green lies within its borders.  There is a long and interesting history, wonderful food, friendly people, and an ancient culture.  The dollar goes a long way in Vietnam. Learn a bit of vocabulary before you go to make it an even better trip.

MEXICO – Start in Mexico City. You can visit safe states and still enjoy a wide variety of history, culture, art and cuisine. As the Mexicans say, “Don’t worry, you’re on the fun side of the wall.”

ITALY – So much to see and do (as in many European countries) but I recommend Italy.  There is a wealth of variety in vistas.  The people are intense but friendly.  The art is incredible; the food is very good too! Here is a recent itinerary.

EGYPT – It’s one of those places you recognize even if you have never been there. With historical monuments and a mature tourist industry, you can find the tour that will suit you best. But please check the State Department’s Travel Advisory before you finalize plans.

These are ideas for USA destinations.

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Buy it. Read it. (Or listen to it.) Let me know what you think. –TMLL

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