Road Kill

From Ghana, is this story about road kill. Roaming around Ghana are many sheep and goats. But if you come upon an animal run over by a vehicle, it will almost always be a sheep. I confess I had not noticed that until one older gent offered up this explanation.

Goat and Sheep were good friends.  Goat asked Sheep to go to town with him to visit Goat’s city friend.  To get to the city, they took the bus. As the bus approached the city, Goat realized he had not taken any money with him. (In Ghana’s culture, if you ask another to accompany you, then you are the host and pay for the transportation and food.) Goat was ashamed and jumped out of the bus window. Sheep paid his fare, but the bus driver knew he was with Goat and didn’t give Sheep his change. So when Sheep sees a bus, he stands in front of it to demand his change. But if Goat sees a bus, he runs because he is afraid the bus driver may come after him.

Ghana is at the center of the earth, on the equator with zero longitude. The most common road kill in New England seems to be opossum and raccoon.  I wonder what that story is.

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