Taking My First Steps

June 2021 is the month I’ve begun cautiously stepping outside my home, my winter hideout during the plague (COVID-19 Pandemic). Just moving around a bit…getting the car oil changed, having a hair trim, stopping at a restaurant to sit under a canopy, at tables set up on a former parking lot. It’s all feeling very colorful and a bit daring.

Stepping outside…

Last weekend, I went for an overnight camping adventure. It had been a while. I put up the tent fly so that it left half the tent with an open screen! When it started to rain, I was puzzled…oh yes, that’s how the fly is supposed to go…but the fire started and life was good.

Canoeing around many islands on a lake is something I have done frequently all my life, but now it felt new. All the potential beach spots looked treacherous and inviting at the same time.

Hiking in the woods to find a lane of waterfalls was magical. All in Massachusetts even. Eat your heart out Iceland. Even the Lady Slippers seem to rival the orchids of Sabah.

The Lady Slipper, ever delicate and unassuming.

On a pond, the beavers were out in force, protecting their lodges. They hissed from the shore, disappeared into the water and popped up to crack their tails on the water’s surface. Paddling a canoe, the beavers could pop up anywhere. That was an exciting soundtrack for such a placid scene; it was a bit jarring.

Lunch with a view and a soundtrack.

A silver lining to the plague for me is my wondrous delight in my local surroundings. May we all find wondrous delight wherever we find ourselves.

TATTOO—Journeys on My Mind by Tina Marie L. Lamb…Still working to make it available again.

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