The Sidekick’s Reprieve

The writing prompt:  That was a silly thing to say.

Joe had been reading his book for over two hours. It was a mystery and the story was ok, but the sidekick, Marcel, was starting to wear on him. Marcel was forever saying something silly like “Cool Bananas” or “Holy Moly.” This last chapter had started to give a few clues to the mystery, but each clue prompted Marcel to say, “Honest to Pete.” Why was he always trying to drag Pete into it? “Misery loves company,” Joe supposed. Maybe it would all be explained in the end. 

Joe’s eyes needed a break. The story would have to wait. Now was the time for tea and toast. He spotted the bread, When Pigs Fly’s Seven Grain and Pumpkin Seed. The best thing since sliced bread! After placing a slice in the toaster, he paused to consider what to spread on his toast. Joe rummaged in the back of his refrigerator for the lemon curd. Good golly Miss Molly, he found it. Joe removed the jar and held it high in victory. Back at the toaster, he pressed down the lever and did a jig. This was going to be Mmmm Mmmm Good.

He filled the electric kettle and reached for the tea. Out of Tetley’s British Blend again? Jeez Louise! He could have sworn he had opened a box just days ago. Into the cupboard, Joe stared at the array of other tea options. He had no idea what he wanted. Mint Green Tea? Lemon Chamomile? Egyptian Licorice?  De-caffeinated Chai? Russian Caravan? The Mango-Ginger Tea is upside downJeekers Crow! Joe reached in to set it upright and then surmised, “That must be the one.” Sometimes, it all comes together.

The toast was laid out on the plate with curd at the ready. The tea was brewing. Joe sat down to his feast with an air of contentment. That soon disappeared when he realized he had forgotten a butter knife. For the love of Mike! Joe stood up and smiled. Perhaps that sidekick Marcel’s running commentary wasn’t so silly after all.

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