Venice Vacation Tips

Venezia in Italia.  Some people come away gushing about its splendor; some people come away mumbling about a money trap.  

To enjoy Venice, buy a Vaporetto pass so you can hop around as much as you want and enjoy the ambience.  

Wander around with only a few destinations for the day so you have plenty of time to get lost. It can be frustrating as there is often more than one street with the same name. So instead of setting out with a list of destinations, just wander and lose yourself in the narrow alleys, admire the boats, and look into the water at each dead end. If you are determined to learn your way around, they do have free walking tours in Venice.

Get a timed ticket to St. Mark’s in advance so you can bypass the ever present long lines.

Avoid any restaurants in the area of St. Mark’s square; or if you won’t, don’t complain about the watered down wine. (Walking around while eating a slice of pizza isn’t at all bad.)

To avoid frustration, give yourself plenty of time to find your way should you have any place you need to be at a certain time.

If you encounter locals who aren’t helpful, just remember to breathe. Though if you learn enough to ask questions in Italian, the locals can be quite helpful in English.

Find a park or some church steps and watch life go by.

You might even consider an advance ticket for a group gondola ride. Having a gondola ride anywhere else just isn’t as hilariously tacky. 

Try on a glitzy carnival mask.

Don’t let your sense of fun get sucked up by the money gouging.

Life is too short.





“Venice never quite seems real, but rather an ornate film set suspended on the water.”—Frida Giannini

This post was inspired by a comment to the post, Venice Vortex.

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