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Mongolia has been enduring some hard challenges to its democracy. But what caught my attention the other day was the protests there in support of Mongolians in China’s Inner Mongolia Region.  These protests were in response to China’s September 2020 demands that core subjects in Inner Mongolia be taught in the Chinese rather than in the Mongolian language.  Now, many living in Inner Mongolia are not of Mongolian origin these days.  But given what has been happening to the Uighurs, it does give one pause.  

It reminded me of Mongolians’ umbrage at China’s taking credit for its cultural distinctions (e.g., throat singing) as China attempts to weaken Mongolian culture in its retained Inner Mongolia. With all the sad aspects of 2020, this flexing of brute strength in geopolitics is easy to ignore. And the larger political situations in the area offer little hope at the moment.  Perhaps all a good reason to take note of Mongolia in this week’s post.

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I was going to add a link to The Hu’s music but then I found today’s National Public Media newsfeed has a full article on The Hu.  To me, it says throat singing isn’t just for folk music.

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